Marriage After 35 Is It Really Worth The Ride?

So many couples over the age of 35 have jumped quickly over the broom, and within a couple of years face the dreaded divorce of gloom and doom
Is it the incompatibility of the individuals or the sharing of one bedroom?
Or not getting to know your spouse as a friend first before making that monumental decision to soon?
Marriage after 35 is truly a Ride, especially for those who have lived alone for quite a while.
Some women over 35 have divorced their husbands within 2 years of marriage because of the lack of maturity of their ex-husband.
It has been stated that too many men over 35 are not seeing the true meaning of commitment and partnership. Selflessness is not an option, let alone being benevolent, sharing or caring. A large amount of Women who married over 35 but are now divorced claim that they where Emotionally, Intellectually, and Socially Starved.  This depiction of Men crosses all color lines and cultures.  So many men over 35 marry to be cared for, sheltered, fed, and accomodated sexually.  Too many Women are Fed up with Non-Reciprocal Men expecting services they can clearly do for themselves.  As far as finances are concerned there seems to be an ugly plague of broke men, with broken values who refuse to upgrade themselves to allow for small perks to appear in the home; like food, soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.  Sad but true, a lot of Men over 35 Marry for the convenience of expecting the Woman to do basically everything, while they work a menial job, and live with a menial state of being. 

There is more to be said about Men and Women who marry over 35, but for now, I take a bow, and await the response from the crowd.


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I am a Single Mom of a 14year of Teenage Daughter, grinding for mine hard 24/7. I will be a be Power Blogger!!!
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